How to Play Games while Earning Crypto?

As cryptocurrency is widely popular, most of the people thinking of making money are trying to earn maximum cryptocurrencies. While some are trying to hold their cryptocurrency to make some profit, some are actively trading to grab some more coins at the best deals. But both these methods are very boring and highly stressful. But do you know some smart people play online games to earn crypto coins? Yes, this is a fact. Play-to-earn games are booming recently and this has become a dream profession for gamers across the world.

What are play-to-earn games?

As the name says, play-to-earn games offer cryptocurrency for winning online games. The games can be to win battles or to complete certain levels or tasks of a game. Axie Infinity is one of the popular play-to-earn games in the market. The game has a blockchain-based NFT marketplace and economy and it was released in November 2020. You can also find other famous play-to-earn games on The Sandbox and Decentraland. Both of them are metaverse projects that have integrated play-to-win games in them.

Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis, which is a blockchain-based game studio launched in 2018, is the inventor of Axie Infinity. The play-to-earn games of Axie Infinity are similar to that of Pokémon. The characters will be designed as NFTs which you will have to set against the NFTs of other fighters. The winner will be rewarded with coins to open the power upgrades to improve the chances of a win for your fighter. The coins given will be real crypto tokens. Like Ethereum and Bitcoin, these tokens can have value and you can convert them into cash to make use of IRL.

This process can be compared to the mining process in blockchain networks. You will have to fight to win and the winner gets the crypto tokens as a reward.

Along with fighting, you can also race and breed the Axies, which are the little creatures in the game. Selling them to the other players of the game to earn some money. You can have more sales if your Axie breed is rare. If you do not want to sell them, you can keep them and use them in your battles. You require a Smooth Love Potion (SLP) crypto token to breed Axies. You can get them from Binance and Uniswap.

Final Thoughts

Many people have a question whether quitting their current job and becoming involved in play-to-earn games will fetch them enough income. It is possible, but it highly depends on the income you need to meet your expenses. Several people in the Philippines and a large part of the Global South are doing this. The recent lockdowns have forced people to find better remote working opportunities and play-to-earn games were one of the best options they could find. But if you are leading an expensive life, it will take more time and effort for you to find the income to meet your expenses from the game.