How to Create a Cryptocurrency Game

Cryptocurrency games are a hot topic in the gaming industry. In fact, online gaming is one of the quickest developing industries which are highly progressing through cryptocurrencies. The incorporation of blockchain in games has helped in attaining the trust of many customers. In order to create a cryptocurrency game, the developers need to get to know the following:

Developers Need to Thoroughly Examine the Blockchain Technology – The developer must know hash functions, consensus algorithms in Blockchain, and distributed ledger to create a game. Before getting started with game development, the developer should understand everything regarding the blockchain as well as advanced blockchain security. In addition to that, understanding its flaws and shortcomings is also imperative.

Understand Various Data Structures – Developers should also know various kinds of databases and related data structures for the purpose of incorporating them into gaming. 

Understand Smart Contract Development – In order to integrate blockchain with gaming infrastructure, the developer should know about the various types of smart contracts, which must go with understanding how to develop them.

Know about Decentralization – The gaming and blockchain developer should know about decentralization mechanisms. The dApp can be installed on numerous blockchain platforms using a variety of protocols and methods.

Learn Everything about Cryptography – Digital ledger and cryptography are fundamental components of blockchain development. Being a game developer, you need to learn about the various basics of it and the algorithms that are included in it. These are necessary for creating in-game digital assets and resources that users can purchase and sell in the marketplace.

Coding – To properly incorporate blockchain into games, coding is essential. To create a blockchain-powered gaming application or any decentralized application, it is imperative to know all elements of blockchain. These will help you design extremely operational crypto games.

Suitable Software – To create cryptocurrency games, you need to purchase a suitable technology stack such as MongoDB, Angular, NodeJS, React, and more.

Now let’s check out some of the popular cryptocurrency games around the world

  • OX Universe – This is a spaceship game where you travel through space to discover new worlds. Several tasks here include discovering new worlds, drawing out resources, and more. OX Universe consists of excellent graphics. In the OX Universe game, you will be able to purchase parts to create your own spaceship.
  • Merge Cats – By engaging in this game, you will be able to get “Souls”, which are cryptocurrencies. You can combine and classify cats to set up the next level. You earn points as you progress through the levels.
  • CyptoKitties – It is a game powered by the Ethereum blockchain where players can gather and buy NFTs called Cryptokitties.
  • Crop Bytes – You will become eligible to receive crypto coins by engaging in this game as this sport is generally applied with Tron, a virtual wallet. You can change cash to get bitcoin.
  • My Neighbor Alice – This multiplier game allows you to create your island. In this game, a player will be able to purchase a virtual island.


In this way, you will be able to develop a top-performing cryptocurrency game.